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Skagaran whiskey

Skagaran whiskey

Skagaran whiskey was an alcoholic beverage found on a Skagaran colony planet in the Delphic Expanse. Skagaran whiskey was deemed illegal after Human slaves on the planet overthrew their Skagaran masters. According to Human Sheriff MacReady, Skagaran whiskey "packs a helluva wallop."

Despite the drink's illegality, in 2153, a Human barber named Henry was allowed to keep a bottle of Skagaran whiskey for pulling teeth. MacReady poured himself and Jonathan Archer each a shot of Skagaran whiskey while the two chatted in the barber shop. (ENT: "North Star")

Behind the scenes, Skagaran "whiskey" was different from Human whiskey in that there was a little bit more cola in the water/cola mix used to simulate the drink. ("North Star" text commentary)

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