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Skagaran colony

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Skagaran colony planet
Skagaran planet, low orbit.jpg

Skagaran colony planet from orbit

Native Species: Bluehorns, Sun vipers
Skagaran colony surface.jpg

The surface of Skagaran colony planet

The site of a failed Skagaran colony, this planet was selected by the Skagarans for a colony during the late 19th century. The planet, with little water, had animals indigenous to the planet such as bluehorns and sun vipers.

A number of hunting trophies were seen in a saloon in one of the human settlements. Horses and what appeared to be a mounted buffalo head were also present on the planet, it was unsaid if these were taken from Earth, or if they were native.

To help facilitate the construction of the colony, the Skagarans kidnapped a Human settlement, originally located in the western United States of America, and transported them to the planet aboard their starship to work as slaves. After a violent uprising led by Cooper Smith, the Skagarans were overthrown and the Humans emerged as the dominant species. By the 2150s, the planet had a population of 6,000 Humans and less than 1,000 Skagarans. There were several settlements, spread over a area of a few hundred kilometers. Humans and Skagarans mostly separated, one of the Skagaran encampments being Skagtown.

The planet was visited by Enterprise NX-01 in 2153 while searching for the Xindi weapon. (ENT: "North Star")

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