Sirco Ch'Ano was a Bajoran merchant who lived on Bajor in 2369.

Sirco had a business deal with a Lissepian freighter captain but was unable to pay for the ordered hundred gross of self-sealing stem bolts. Nog and Jake Sisko got the stem bolts in exchange for five thousand wrappages of yamok sauce.

Later the boys, under the alias Noh-Jay Consortium, contacted Sirco to sell him the stem bolts in exchange for gold-pressed latinum. However, the Bajoran was unable to pay with latinum and proposed to buy the stem bolts for seven tessipates of Bajoran land. The boys accepted this offer. (DS9: "Progress")

Sirco Ch'Ano was mainly heard over com and voiced by an unknown actor.
The full name and spelling is from the script of the episode, though the cast list of the script lists him as "Chiano".