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Sirah of the Yangs (2268)

Sirah was an inhabitant of the planet Omega IV and part of a cultural faction on that world called the Yangs.

In 2268, she was captured, along with Cloud William, by the Kohms. The Yangs were at war with the Kohms, who were being helped by Captain Ronald Tracey in violation of the Prime Directive.

While Captain Tracey was trying to trick Cloud William into executing Captain Kirk as a heretic and blasphemer, Spock used his telepathic abilities to cause Sirah to acquire a captured communicator and activate it. As a result, Lieutenant Sulu transported down with a security team and arrested Tracey, thus fulfilling the Yang superstition that "good must always overcome evil". (TOS: "The Omega Glory")

Sirah was portrayed by Irene Kelly.

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