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Species 8472 replicant with single malt whisky

The Boothby replicant with 200-year old single malt whisky.

Single malt whisky was a type of whisky made in a single distillery completely from malted barley.

Single malt whisky was a favorite of Chief Miles O'Brien. Single malt Irish whiskey was served at O'Brien's birthday party in 2373, and in 2374, O'Brien and Worf wagered a bottle of bloodwine against a bottle of Scotch whiskey if Jadzia Dax beat Quark in a game of tongo. Quark was triumphant and O'Brien told Worf that he would like "Single malt. Preferably something from the Highlands". (DS9: "Change of Heart", "The Assignment")

The Species 8472 impersonating Boothby enjoyed single malt whisky. When Commander Chakotay was captured on board Terrasphere 8, the replicant celebrated by toasting Earth with a single malt whisky from 2175. (VOY: "In the Flesh")

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