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"You owe me one."
– Sim to Charles Tucker III, 2153 ("Similitude")

Sim was a mimetic simbiot of Commander Charles Tucker III, created by Doctor Phlox using a Lyssarian Desert Larvae. He was created after Tucker was injured and rendered comatose due to an encounter with a spatial anomaly in 2153. Sim's purpose was to provide Phlox with vital brain tissue, which was to be used to treat Tucker's condition. Sim resided aboard Enterprise NX-01, where he lived a lifetime in fifteen days.

History Edit

Sim fetus in birthing tank

Sim as a fetus

Sim's development from a Lyssarian Desert Larvae began with cellular division in a growth tank inside Enterprise NX-01, following insertion of DNA from Tucker. Two days later, Sim had developed into a fetus, which was sensitive to light. He had been transferred to a birthing tank, which was usually covered by a sheet, in a section of Enterprise's sickbay where the lighting was deliberately dimmed. Inside the tank, the fetal Sim was surrounded by a nutrient solution. Phlox expected Sim to be born the following day.

In the final draft script of "Similitude", the fetal Sim was described as "what looks for all the world like a six-month-old Human fetus."
Charles Tucker 4

Sim (apparent age 4)

After his birth, Phlox became a surrogate father to him. He named him Sim and cared for him as Sim grew quickly to a boy, a teenager and an adult over just a few days. Sim retained all of Trip's memories. Archer informed him of his true purpose and Sim accepted it. As the days went by, Sim became part of the crew. He even saved Enterprise NX-01 from a polaric field. Sim had strong romantic feelings for T'Pol. Phlox, who believed that Sim could be a donor of the needed tissue and still live out his short lifespan, found that he was incorrect and that Sim would not survive the transplant.

Charles Tucker 8

Sim (apparent age 8)

Charles Tucker 17

Sim (apparent age 17)

Sim discovered that an experimental enzyme might extend his life beyond the fifteen days. Phlox told him that there was no proof that the enzyme would work, that it would take too long to determine if it would work- thus aging Sim beyond the point where he could donate the necessary tissues to Tucker-, and that if it did work, then Tucker would die. Sim thought about stealing a shuttlepod to escape. He realized that if he did this, then Tucker would die and the Enterprise's mission to stop the Xindi would fail, causing the annihilation of mankind. He decided to submit to the operation. T'Pol kissed him goodbye and he reported to sickbay.

Sim was killed by the operation, and was given a burial in space by the crew, including the resuscitated Tucker. Archer conducted a funeral service for him, noting that the entire crew was grateful for the contributions he made in his short lifetime. (ENT: "Similitude")

Personal relationshipsEdit


Dr. Phlox was the man who created, and raised Sim during his first few days. Right before the transplant, Sim told Phlox that even with all of Trip's memories, he considered him to be "a damn good father." Phlox told him he had been "a damn good son."


T'Pol kisses Sim

T'Pol kissing Sim goodbye

Sim, like Trip, was attracted to T'Pol, but unlike Trip, didn't have the time to waste. He confessed his feelings to her, along with the ambiguity of their origins, to which she couldn't answer either way. Right before he went to sickbay for the final time, T'Pol said the crew, and she, would miss him, and then kissed him goodbye. Sim felt he "couldn't have asked for a better going away present."

In the final draft script of "Similitude", it was stated about Sim, while he seems like a seventeen-year-old, "Right away, we can tell he's developed an infatuation with her."

Effects on othersEdit

Because Sim revealed his feelings for T'Pol to her, she knew, logically, that Tucker felt the same way. This led to a romantic liaison between T'Pol and Tucker months after Sim's passing. (ENT: "Harbinger")

Over a year later, T'Pol and Tucker's DNA was used to create the first ever Human-Vulcan hybrid. (ENT: "Terra Prime")

Background information Edit

In most scenes, Sim (as an adult) was portrayed by actor Connor Trinneer, since he usually played Charles Tucker. Child versions of Sim were played by Maximillian Kesmodel (apparent age 4), Adam Taylor Gordon (apparent age 8), and Shane Sweet (apparent age 17). An unknown performer appeared as Sim while he is depicted as a baby (both as a newborn and seemingly as an eight-month-old).

In the final draft script of "Similitude", Sim was commonly referred to (apart from in dialogue) as "Sim-Trip". In the same script, however, the character was twice referred to as Tucker. The first occasion was in the teaser, hiding Sim's true identity, and the second instance was apparently as a misprint that gave his name as "Trip" (rather than "Sim-Trip"), in reference to Sim giving Archer a smile in the launch bay prior to Sim's operation.

The "Similitude" final draft script also specified, "Sim-Trip has a light Southern accent." Concerning Sim when he is seemingly a seventeen-year-old, the script remarked, "He's clearly developed an odd self-awareness about his own, bizarre situation." To describe the adult, a note in the script commented, "From this point forward, Sim-Trip will be played by Connor Trinneer." None of the other actors who played Sim were referred to by name in the script.

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