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A corn silo

A silo was a storage place for grain.

In 2151, the Klingon Klaang crash-landed in a cornfield in Broken Bow, Oklahoma, on Earth. He was pursued by two Suliban soldiers and ran into a silo owned by a farmer named Moore. The two Suliban followed Klaang inside the building but he escaped by jumping out of a door in the silo's upper section. He then destroyed the silo with a Klingon disruptor he had taken with him. (ENT: "Broken Bow")

The script of "Broken Bow" specifies that the gap between the bottom of the silo's ground-level door and the ground was six inches and that the upper door was "fifteen feet above ground." The shot of the silo exploding was scripted to involve visual effects. [1]
The silo and the scenes including it were filmed on location in Bakersfield, California. The silo was a full-size prop, actually constructed at the location. The reasoning why the structure was built especially for the episode was so it could be detonated on-site. ("Broken Bow" text commentary, ENT Season 1 DVD)
In contrast to the script, it was decided that no CGI would be incorporated into the shots of the silo exploding. Executive producer Brannon Braga noted, "If you watch the [episode] closely, you can see shock waves rippling through the corn. Nothing like a real, good, old-fashioned [...] fireball." ("Broken Bow" audio commentary, ENT Season 1 DVD)

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