Sikaris was a planet in the Delta Quadrant and was the homeworld of the Sikarians. Its system had a single sun. It had a mantle of tetrahedral quartz twenty kilometers thick, which served as an amplifier for the Sikarians' spatial trajector technology.

The USS Voyager visited Sikaris for shore leave in 2371 at the invitation of the Sikarians. (VOY: "Prime Factors")

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Given that the distance between Sikaris and Alastria is "two and a half billion times the distance Sikaris is from its sun", Sikaris would be 160 million kilometers from its sun.

The Star Trek Encyclopedia (4th ed., vol. 2, p. 284) classified Sikaris as a class M planet.

According to the Star Trek: Star Charts, on pages 78 and 83, the Voyager visited this planet on stardate 48642. Sikaris was located in a binary star system (contradicting the episode). Both the primary and the secondary were Class K stars. Magnitude of the primary was +1, which was 100 times brighter than Sol.

Sikaris was the third planet in the Sikaris system. This Class M planet was governed by the Sikaris Canon from the capital city of L'hur. The dominant species was the humanoid Sikarian. In 2378, there were 620.5 million Sikarians living on the planet. Sikarians have been warp-capable since antiquity.

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