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Sigma Iotia II

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Sigma Iotia II
Sigma Iotia II remastered.jpg

USS Enterprise in orbit of Sigma Iotia II

Type: Planet
Native Species: Iotians
Location: Sigma Iotia system
Sigma Iotia II street.jpg

Street on Simga Iotia II

Sigma Iotia II was an inhabited planet This was the homeworld for the Iotians, a pre-warp capable humanoid species. It was the second planet in the Sigma Iotia planetary system. The system was located, according to Captain Kirk of the USS Enterprise, ...on the outer reaches of the galaxy.

Prior to the Non-Interference Directive going into effect, the Earth vessel Horizon visited the planet and left behind a book called Chicago Mobs of the Twenties in 2168. This book became so influential among the population that they completely mimicked the criminal underworld society of Prohibition-era Chicago on Earth.

USS Enterprise came to visit Sigma Iotia II in 2268 in an effort to investigate the missing Horizon and undo the cultural contamination caused by its visit. (TOS: "A Piece of the Action")


Presumably, Sigma Iotia II was located in the Alpha Quadrant.

The original idea for celebrating Star Trek's 30th anniversary on DS9 was to have the crew return to Sigma Iotia to find the Iotians imitating the original series crew. It would have been a tongue-in-cheek to the "typical" Star Trek fan. The idea was dropped in favor of what became "Trials and Tribble-ations". The scenario was depicted in with the 1998 story "A Piece of Reaction" in the final issue of Star Trek Unlimited.

For the 2007 remastered edition of "A Piece of the Action", Sigma Iotia II was recreated with computer-generated imagery, making it a more realistic and Earth-like planet.


According to the Star Trek: Starfleet Corps of Engineers short story "Fables of the Prime Directive", Sigma Iotia eventually joined the Federation after years of work behind the scenes by cultural specialists.

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