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The Sigma Erandi system was a star system.

When the USS Enterprise-D purchased hytritium needed on Beta Agni II from Kivas Fajo in 2366, Fajo told the crew that the next closest source of hytritium was Sigma Erandi, but he could not guarantee they had any on hand. The system was also three weeks away from the Enterprise's current position, so the USS Grissom, the Starfleet vessel closest to Sigma Erandi, was informed to stand by in case more hytritium was needed. (TNG: "The Most Toys")

In 2371, the location of Sigma Erandi was labeled in the star chart Data and Picard were studying in stellar cartography aboard the USS Enterprise-D. (Star Trek Generations, okudagram)

According to the script for "The Most Toys", the system was named Sigma Erani. The name was changed to Sigma Erandi for the star chart. "SIGMA eh-RAN-ee" was the system's pronunciation from the script pronunciation guide . [1]

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