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A shrimp or prawn was a type of small crustacean found in the waters of Earth. They were commonly consumed by Humans as food. Similar animals were found on other planets. (DS9: "You Are Cordially Invited")

Some cetaceans fed on shrimp. George and Gracie ate two tons a day. (Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home)

Benjamin Sisko was quite fond of his famous shrimp Creole dish. (DS9: "The Abandoned", "Image in the Sand") Sisko's Creole Kitchen offered shrimp remoulade as a daily special in 2373. (DS9: "Paradise Lost")

While trapped in an Akritirian prison in 2373, Harry Kim fantasized about a meal of shrimp with fettran sauce, flambé noodles and fudge ripple pudding. (VOY: "The Chute")

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