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Ships of the Star Fleet, Volume One/Revised is "The standard reference guide to the vessels of Star Fleet".


From the back cover
"The definitive publication on the subject... a must for any being interested in Star Fleet strength."
– Starship Design
"This manual should be required reading for every strategic planner in the Federation."
– Starship Interstellar
"An unrivaled reference text... lavishly illustrated, easy to use, and highly insightful."
– Academy Literary Review
"The best coverage of Federation spacegoing services... a treasure chest of information."
– TacFleet Journal

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01 State of the Fleet
02 Ship Classifications
03 Glossary
04 Constitution class
05 Bonhomme Richard class
06 Coronado class
07 Achernar class
08 Enterprise class
09 Belknap class
10 Constitution (II) class
11 Endeavor class
12 Tikopai class
13 Enterprise (II) class
14 Surya class
15 Coventry class
16 Avenger class
17 Daran class
18 Knox class
19 Endurance class
20 Cyane class
    Strike Cruiser - Belknap class