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Shatner: Where No Man...


From the back cover
William Shatner – Captain James Kirk
The two names are practically synonymous. But what is the true story behind the man who made the character a legend? How did the sudden popularity and fame of the late 60's television series affect the life, family and career of the man-behind-the-myth and how will the much publicized multi-million dollar production of Star Trek: The Motion Picture affect William Shatner's future?
William Shatner, in this very revealing and intimate, no-holds-barred biography tells of his long and arduous road to fame and the intensity of being in the vanguard of so innovative a show as Star Trek.
Filled with personal photos from William Shatner's own collection.

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  • Introduction: Voyage into Legend
  • Shatner: Where From?
  • Working Actor
  • Landmarks
  • The Crucible: A Love Story
  • "I Am Kirk"
  • Actor's-Eye View: One Man's "Star Trek"
  • The Man Who Invented a Universe: Roddenberry, The Common Ground
  • Kirk Meets Spock: The Spark
  • Savage Interlude
  • Male and Female
  • Love Story Part II: The House on the Hill
  • The Chameleon Effect
  • Shatner: Where To?