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M 113 Creature
Actor: Sharon Gimpel
Series: TOS
Character: M-113 creature
Episode: "The Man Trap"

Sharon Gimpel (born 5 June 1944; age 71) is a former dancer and actress who played the M-113 creature in TOS: "The Man Trap". She was a trained dancer, who went to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. However, her Star Trek appearance ended up as her sole screen performance.

Gimpel was disappointed to learn that getting the part meant playing it incognito. Playing the creature under the heavy costume was also an uneasy experience for her. During her brief time in the hot costume, the diminuative Gimpel sweated off quite a few pounds. One time, she was seen crying when they took off the mask. Disillusioned with Hollywood, Gimpel left Los Angeles afterwards, and never returned to the entertainment industry. [1]

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