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ShRaan alongside Enterprise.jpg


Class: Suurok-class
Affiliation: Vulcan High Command
Status: Active (2152)
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The Sh'Raan was a Vulcan Suurok-class combat cruiser that was in service with the Vulcan High Command in the mid-22nd century.

In February of 2152, the Sh'Raan was sent to rendezvous with the Enterprise NX-01 to transport Ambassador V'Lar back to Vulcan to offer testimony against the Mazarite High Council. However, the Mazarites tried to kill V'Lar before she could get to the Sh'Raan, and Enterprise had to send an emergency message for them to come to their assistance. When the Sh'Raan arrived, Enterprise had been jamming the Mazarites' sensors, so they were easily disabled by the Sh'Raan's weapons. The Sh'Raan's captain hailed Enterprise, asking if they required assistance, and told the Mazarites to stand down or be destroyed. (ENT: "Fallen Hero")

In the final draft script of "Fallen Hero", the Sh'Raan was described as subsequently docking with Enterprise. However, it doesn't do so in the final version of the episode, instead sending a Vulcan shuttle which carries out the docking maneuver.

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