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Doctor Sevrin was a research engineer from the planet Tiburon, renowned in the fields of acoustics, electronics, and communications. He came to reject the modern technical society of the Federation and built a movement in search of the mythical planet Eden. He contracted the disease synthococcus novae, which required him to remain in environmentally-controlled areas. His rejection of modern technology and his inability to leave technologically-regulated areas contributed to his insanity.

In 2269, he and some of his followers stole the space cruiser Aurora in search of Eden. The group was apprehended by the USS Enterprise but they managed to gain control of the starship and discover Eden. The planet proved to be toxic to primitive life, however, Dr. Sevrin refused to leave, and took a bite out of toxic fruit and died. (TOS: "The Way to Eden")

Sevrin was played by actor Skip Homeier.
In The Worlds of the Federation (in which the disease is the result of "unnatural" elements of bacteria and technology coming into contact with one another), his full name was stated as Rota Sevrin.

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