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Seskas baby

Seska's baby

Seska's child was the child of Seska and Culluh, born in late 2372. He was a Cardassian-Kazon hybrid. (VOY: "Maneuvers")

Seska became pregnant with Culluh's child, but she claimed that it was Chakotay's, having extracted his DNA during his captivity and apparently impregnating herself with it. She later told Culluh that Chakotay had raped her during his captivity. (VOY: "Alliances")

Seska gave birth to her child in late 2372 and used him in a ruse to lure Voyager into a trap, claiming that Culluh had taken the child to be raised as a slave. This plot proved initially successful. Voyager was captured, and the crew, – save for The Doctor, Lon Suder, and Tom Paris – was stranded on Hanon IV, Culluh exulting in his triumph and challenging the crew to survive without the technology they had kept from him.

During the Kazon control of Voyager, Seska had The Doctor examine the child to confirm his health, The Doctor simultaneously confirming that the child had Kazon rather than Human DNA despite his Human appearance; The Doctor speculated that he would show more Kazon traits as he got older, although the unique circumstances of his heritage made this unknown.

Culluh's control of Voyager did not last long, Paris managing to lead the Talaxians in an attack on Voyager after contacting the Doctor and Suder to disable Voyager's backup phaser couplings while he disabled the primary ones. The subsequent damage left Voyager essentially dead in the water, Seska being one of the casualities in the attack. With the ship now virtually useless to him, Culluh fled, taking the child with him. What became of the two of them afterwards is unknown. (VOY: "Basics, Part I", "Basics, Part II")

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