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Unnamed Alpha and Beta Quadrant planets

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Painting crusher quarters observation lounge

Serpent's World

Serpent's World was a planet located in a binary system.

A painting of this world depicted a fusion-powered landing spacecraft on approach. The painting was displayed at various times in the observation lounge and in quarters aboard the USS Enterprise-D and in a corridor at Starfleet Headquarters. (TNG: "The Naked Now", "Conspiracy", "The Child")

The painting was created by Rick Sternbach for fun. This painting had the greatest number of appearances of paintings done by Sternbach. It was first seen in Beverly Crusher's quarters. It was seen in guest quarters in the episodes "Too Short a Season", "Coming of Age", and "Symbiosis". The painting was also seen in the observation lounge from "The Child" through "Redemption". [1]

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