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Sergeant insignia
Police sergeant.png

San Francisco Police, 1941

San Francisco Police, 1941
Sergeant guard.png

NASA security, 1968

NASA security, 1968

MACO, 22nd century

MACO, 22nd century

Miri's homeworld, 2266

Miri's homeworld, 2266

Sergeant is a rank, the equivalent of which is used by the service organizations of many civilizations. As a traditional military or police grade, sergeant is the highest enlisted rank, or a series of the highest enlisted ranks, used in a service organization. Sergeants rank below commissioned officers and above corporals. In comparison to naval ranking systems, this rank is approximately equivalent to the naval petty officer (second or third class).

In the traditional definition, lower grade sergeants command, or are responsible for squads, consisting of around a dozen troops. Some rank systems use different grades of sergeant, such as "first sergeant," "staff sergeant," "master sergeant," "gunnery sergeant," "technical sergeant," "sergeant major," and "sergeant of the army."

Other non-canon sources suggest the Bajoran Militia has sergeants.
This chart shows only general equivalencies based on the ranks used by many governments on Earth, as well as the rest of the galaxy.

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