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Septimis Minor

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Septimis Minor (or Septimus Minor) was a planet near Federation space. It was the original destination of the colony ship SS Artemis in the late 23rd century. The ship went off course, eventually landing on Tau Cygna V. Starfleet performed an extensive search but failed to discover the fate of the ship. (TNG: "The Ensigns of Command")

Septimus Minor appeared in the starchart Data and Picard were studying in Stellar Cartography in 2371. (Star Trek Generations, display graphic)

The name of this planet was spelled "Septimis" in the script [1] and on screen in the "Artemis" okudagram, while it was spelled "Septimus" in both the DVD subtitles, the Star Trek Encyclopedia and on screen in the star chart in "Generations".

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