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Several log entries were made in the security log aboard Deep Space 9, as recorded by Constable Odo. (Star Trek: Deep Space 9)



Initial log. (DS9: "Necessary Evil")

  • "Commence Station Security Log, Stardate 47282.5. At the request of Commander Sisko, I will hereafter be recording a daily log of law enforcement affairs. The reason for this exercise is beyond my comprehension except perhaps that Humans have a compulsion to keep records and lists and files – so many in fact that they have to invent new ways to store them microscopically. Otherwise their records would overrun all known civilization. My own very adequate memory not being good enough for Starfleet, I am pleased to put my voice to this official record of this day: Everything's under control. End log."

Reopening a case on Bajoran collaborators during the Occupation of Bajor. (DS9: "Necessary Evil")

  • "Security Log, Stardate 47284.1. In this job, there is no unfinished business. The assault on Quark reopens a five-year-old murder case that I've never, not for a moment, closed. Patience is a lost virtue to most, to me, an ally."
  • "Security Log, supplemental. The Ferengi holds on to life like it's gold-pressed latinum. Maybe he just doesn't want his brother to get the bar. Or maybe he knows he's the only real witness I have."
  • "Nobody ever had to teach me the "justice trick." That's something I've always known. A racial memory from my species, I guess. It's really the only clue I have to what kind of people they are. Are these kinds of thoughts appropriate for a Starfleet log? I don't care. There's no room in justice for loyalty or friendship or love. Justice, as the Humans like to say, is blind. I used to believe that. I'm not sure I can anymore."

Off-station logEdit

In 2373, while off-station on a mission to escort Quark to Inferna Prime, the runabout that Odo was piloting crashed on an unnamed Class L planet. Believing death was imminent, Odo began recording the following final log entry:

"Begin recording. Chief of security... log... final entry. It looks like Quark didn't make it... Can't say I'm surprised. You'll find his body further up the slope... No doubt he'd want you to vacuum-desiccate his remains and auction them off. Not that they're worth much. As for myself... Cremate me, stick my ashes in my bucket, shoot me through the wormhole. Might as well end up where I began. Or better yet..."

Odo (along with Quark) was beamed aboard the USS Defiant in mid-sentence. (DS9: "The Ascent")

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