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Second officer's log, USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D)

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Several log entrys were made in the second officer's log for the USS Enterprise-D. They were recorded by Lieutenant Commander Data while serving as second officer. (Star Trek: The Next Generation)



Mission to Nelvana IIIEdit

Mission to Nelvana III. (TNG: "The Defector")

Mission to Tanuga IVEdit

Mission to Tanuga IV. (TNG: "A Matter of Perspective")

  • "Second officer's log, Stardate 43611.6. Programming of the holodeck has taken 18 hours 11 minutes and is complete. All participants have entered their depositions. Complete records from the lab's ground computers as well as Dr. Apgar's personal logs have been included. The recreations will have a nominal 8.7 percent margin of error."


Study of exocomps. (TNG: "The Quality of Life")

  • "Second Officer's Log, Stardate 46315.5. The behavior of the exocomp has puzzled Doctor Farallon and myself. We have brought the defective unit to the Enterprise for investigation."


Study of the Hekaras Corridor. (TNG: "Force of Nature")

  • "Second Officer's Log, Stardate 47312.1. Our new sensor readings have greatly improved our understanding of the rift. However, we have been unable to find any way to counteract it."

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