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Qo'noS patrol officer, 2259 a Klingon patrol officer

Sean Blakemore is an actor who portrayed the Klingon patrol officer in 2013' Star Trek Into Darkness.

Blakemore is best known for lead role as Sean Butler on the ABC Soap drama General Hospital starring Constance Towers. He got his start in acting in the televised baseball film Soul of the Game (1996, with Jeff Coopwood, Mimi Cozzens, Erika Flores, Jerry Hardin, Gina Ravarra, Richard Riehle, and Salli Elise Richardson). Blakemore's big screen debut was the 2002 biopic Dahmer about serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer in which he worked opposite Bruce Davison as the title character's father Lionel Dahmer. Comedy was next for Blakemore when he starred opposite Tommy "Tiny" Lister, Jr. in the urban-themed Keepin' It Real (2003). Also that year was the telefilm Momentum (alongside Zach Galligan, Brad Greenquist, Teri Hatcher, and Daniel Dae Kim). For 2004, Blakemore worked in the straight-to-video production Motives (starring Golden Brooks). In 2006, Blakemore was cast in Restraining Order (with James Avery and Kevin McCorkle). He reteamed with Richard Riehle in the comedy Hot Tamale (also featuring Diora Baird, Anthony Holiday, Kimble Jemison, and Mike Starr), and was next seen in 2007's fact-based drama Blackout (with Saul Rubinek and future Trek costar Zoe Saldana). In the 2008 short film The Porter, Blakemore played the brother of the lead character (portrayed by Anthony Montgomery).

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