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Vulcan sciences crewman, 2270s a Vulcan Enterprise crewmember

Only boys 5 & 6 an Only (with Jon Dweck)

Scott G. Dweck (born 23 April 1957; age 60) (also known as Scott Whitney) is the son of Grace Lee Whitney, who appeared as an extra in two separate Star Trek productions. Scott is the older brother of Jon Dweck.

His first appearance was as one of the Onlies in the Star Trek: The Original Series episode "Miri" and the second one as a Vulcan Enterprise crewmember, who was gathered for Kirk's briefing of the V'Ger threat in Star Trek: The Motion Picture. His mother has been known to sell captioned photographs of her "Vulcan son" at conventions. [1]

In civilian life, Dweck is an airline pilot. In the 1980s, he used to take actor Christopher Reeve for his annual pilot renewal test. Whitney used to tell people that her son was the one who gave Superman his license to fly. [2]

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