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Scott Wheeler

Scott Wheeler

Scott G. Wheeler is a makeup artist who worked on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: First Contact, Star Trek: Insurrection, and Star Trek: Voyager.

Along with Michael Westmore and Jake Garber, he was nominated for one of Star Trek's 10 Academy Awards. His nomination came in 1996 for his work on Star Trek: First Contact in the category of "Makeup". He was also nominated for several Emmy Awards for "Outstanding Individual Achievement in Makeup for a Series", winning twice: 1995 for DS9: "Distant Voices" and again in 1996 for VOY: "Threshold". He was also nominated in 1995 (VOY: "Faces"), 1996 (DS9: "The Visitor"), 1999 (DS9: "The Dogs of War"), 2000 (VOY: "Ashes to Ashes"), and 2001 (VOY: "The Void").

Wheeler was interviewed for the special "Westmore's Aliens" on the Star Trek: Insurrection (Special Edition) during his work on the makeup of the Evora and Ellora.

In addition to his Star Trek work, he has worked in special effects and makeup for a number of horror features, including entries in the Howling series and the Tales from the Crypt television series. He was the makeup department head for 300 and was a special makeup effects artist on Big Fish.

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