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Sarpedion V was the fifth planet of the Sarpedion planetary system. This planet was the headquarters of the Cardassian Twelfth Order and one of the most heavily fortified positions in the Cardassian Union during the Dominion War. During the Dominion War, it was considered that a direct assault by fifteen Template:ShipClass attack cruisers would barely scratch the planet's defenses.

In 2375, Chancellor Gowron suggested that it should be the Klingons' next target despite the objections of General Martok and Commander Worf. Ultimately, Sarpedion was not attacked, as Gowron was killed by Worf in ritual combat shortly thereafter. (DS9: "Tacking Into the Wind")

According to the Star Trek: Star Charts, on page 46, the Sarpedion system was a binary star system. The primary was a G-type star, and the secondary was a red dwarf. This system was in the Alpha Quadrant.

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