Saowin's planet was a planet that was naturally geologically unstable, suffering from a series of violent earthquakes. Industries included bernicium mining. Only one rubidium geode had ever been found there.

For decades, their scientists had been searching for a way to stabilize the planet. In 2375, Saowin sought the Think Tank's aid in coming up with a solution. One of its members was successful in finding the correct harmonic for a planetary containment field in just days.

When asked for payment, Saowin claimed that their bernicium mines had been destroyed and they could not access the ore, offering the rubidium geode in trade instead. In reality, they had kept the ore to operate their replicator systems so their people wouldn't starve. Wise to his deception, Kurros threatened to deactivate the field, an action which would have triggered a level twelve seismic event on the planet. Saowin acquiesced, promising to transport the ore immediately. (VOY: "Think Tank")

This planet was only mentioned in dialogue.