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Sandy Fries (Admiral)

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USS Mustang

Sandy Fries on a mission order

Sandy Fries was a Human Starfleet officer in the mid-24th century.

In 2364 he held the rank of admiral and was assigned to Starfleet Mission Operations. In that year, on stardate 41305.2, he sent a mission order about the Gamma Argus system to Captain Jimmy Arakaki of the USS Mustang.

Later that year, prior to stardate 41775, he held the rank of captain, and was the commanding officer of the USS Non Sequitur. He received a mission order about mission orders from Admiral Gregory Quinn of Starfleet Operational Support Services. (TNG: "Conspiracy")

Fries was named after writer and editor Sandy Fries.
This character was never mentioned in dialog; his name came from a mission order. The stardate in the second mission order was largely illegible; however, the first three numbers were 415.

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