Captain Sanders was the commanding officer of the starship USS Malinche. In 2373, Sanders was patrolling the DMZ when his ship was requested to assist the USS Defiant in intercepting a Maquis raider commanded by Michael Eddington. The Malinche managed to cut off Eddington's escape route to the Badlands, but Eddington escaped by attacking and disabling the Defiant with a computer virus.

Following Eddington's escape, Sanders was assigned sole responsibility for apprehending the traitor. However, Sanders would have no more luck at the job than Benjamin Sisko did. The Malinche was seriously damaged by a booby-trapped Cardassian freighter and attacked by three Maquis raiders, then left adrift. As Sisko left to continue the pursuit of Eddington, Sanders asked only one favor: that Sisko save him a seat at Eddington's court martial. (DS9: "For the Uniform")

Sanders was played by Eric Pierpoint, known for his appearance as newcomer alien Detective George Francisco on FOX television's Alien Nation. Francisco's Human partner in that series was played by Gary Graham. According to the script, Sanders was described as "'a Human male in his forties, a thoughtful and deliberate man, he's not prone to snap decisions.'"
His full name was given as George Sanders in the novel A Singular Destiny, which reveals that he was killed during the Borg invasion of 2381.
The Starfleet Operations Manual calls him Harlan Sanders.

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