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Sanctuary district

Sanctuary District A in San Francisco, shortly before the Bell Riots

Sanctuary District A was a Sanctuary District in San Francisco.

It was about twenty square blocks large, and contained an estimated ten thousand people living in very bad and overcrowded conditions. It was walled of from the rest of the city, its major access point being the "main gate." It was active at least in 2022.

Amongst its amenities were a processing center for new arrivals, a clinic, and distribution points for food and water. The distribution points were known to have lines. The administration also offered a job placing service, although according to the residents it was not effective. The district was policed by a specialized police force, known as Sanctuary District Police or District Security.

One street in the district was called Second Street. It also contained a red and a blue zone, each with their own requirements.

In 2024 the district was the site of the Bell Riots, which ultimately led to the abandonment of Sanctuary Districts.

The abbreviation "SFSD" could be seen one some documents of the district administration in a context suggesting that it was either a term for the district itself, or its administration.
Ten thousand people was the generally accepted population, but Sisko suggested that the population was actually around 9,500. Of course these figures should not be taken literally, as both were made clear to be estimates.

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