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Sanction (starship)

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Ornaran freighter-Sanction.jpg

The Sanction

The Sanction
Class: Freighter
Affiliation: Ornaran
Status: Destroyed (2364)
Sanction tractored by Enterprise-D, remastered.jpg

USS Enterprise-D attempts to tractor the Sanction

USS Enterprise-D attempts to tractor the Sanction

The Sanction was an Ornaran freighter that was used to transport goods between the worlds of Ornara and Brekka, in the Delos system. From 2357 to 2364, the spacecraft was commanded by T'Jon, Under his command, the Sanction completed twenty-six trips, with its primary mission being to transport the cargo of felicium from Brekka to Ornara.

In 2364, the Sanction lost power and was threatened by hitting the atmosphere of Brekka. The USS Enterprise-D responded before the freighter disintergrated, but was only able to save some of the ship's cargo of felicium, and four of its six passengers and crew, including T'Jon, Sobi, Romas and Langor. (TNG: "Symbiosis")

The model for the Sanction was a modification of the Talarian freighter, Batris, from TNG: "Heart of Glory".

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