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Not to be confused with the Port of San Francisco bar.
San Francisco bar 1, Star Trek III

The interior of the bar

San Francisco bar 2, Star Trek III

The interior of the bar

The San Francisco bar was a bar on Earth in San Francisco in the 23rd century.

In 2285, Doctor Leonard McCoy visited this bar to hire a transport ship which could bring him to the planet Genesis in the Mutara sector. He found someone, an alien, but was stopped and arrested by a civilian agent. (Star Trek III: The Search for Spock)

The bar had a lounge like atmosphere with many tables, holographic parlor games, mirrors, plants, and lava lamps. Arcanis Lager was a variety of beer served in this bar.


Background information Edit

Although the bar was never named on-screen, the description of several costumes describes the location as San Francisco bar. [1] [2]. Another unnamed San Francisco bar was attended by Kirk in Star Trek Into Darkness.

The script describes the bar as, "A crowded, smoke-filled watering hole of the twenty-third century, filled with a smattering of civilians, Starfleet personnel, and visitors from strange and far-off civilizations. It does not have the bizarre qualities of the 'Star Wars Bar' which is across the street." [3]

The bar was featured in the scenes 79-83. According to the above mentioned script, there was an alternate scene, in which several stunt performers appeared. This is supported by a costume worn by stuntwoman Jean Coulter, who doubled Sharon Thomas [4] [5], and the appearance of stuntman Tom Morga.

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