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San Francisco Bay Stadium

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San Francisco Bay Stadium

San Francisco Bay Stadium

Bay Stadium speech

Captain Archer gives a speech in the stadium

San francisco bay stadium-full capacity

Aerial view with full capacity

San Francisco Bay Stadium was an open-air amphitheater in San Francisco, a city on the planet Earth. The stadium was mostly surrounded by San Francisco Bay, although a causeway connected the stadium to the peninsula.

In 2154, the senior staff of the Template:ShipClass starship Enterprise visited the San Francisco Bay Stadium in a Starfleet shuttlepod, registry NC-05. Several admirals, including Maxwell Forrest, greeted the officers upon arrival. An amassed crowd also celebrated the crew's return from their successful search for the Xindi superweapon in the Delphic Expanse.

Enterprise's commanding officer, Jonathan Archer, made a speech that honored the twenty-seven crew members who had died as a result of the long and perilous search. The audience gratefully applauded the crew's heroic efforts that had saved their homeworld from the destructive Xindi superweapon. (ENT: "Home")

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