Sabots (pronounced "Sa-BOE") were a historical type of footwear made of wood worn on Earth during the 19th century. In etymology, the term "sabot" is the root for the word "sabotage".

When the USS Enterprise-A was being ordered back to Spacedock following the 2293 capture of James T. Kirk and Leonard McCoy, Valeris recalled a story to the senior staff: "400 years ago, on Earth, workers who felt their livelihood threatened by automation, flung their wooden shoes called 'sabots' into the machines to stop them. Hence the word 'sabotage'." Her story was a suggestion of deception, that Uhura used to falsely report back to Starfleet that "we are experiencing technical malfunction. All back-up systems inoperative." (Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country)

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