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Sabin Genestra was the Betazoid aide to Starfleet Admiral Norah Satie in 2367.

Genestra accompanied her on her investigation of an explosion in the USS Enterprise-D engine room, despite Captain Jean-Luc Picard's misgivings about employing a telepath in a criminal investigation. Genestra sensed deception in Crewman Simon Tarses, which Satie believed implicated his involvement in the explosion. In fact, Tarses was hiding that he was one-quarter Romulan and had lied to gain entry into Starfleet. Subsequent attempts by Admiral Satie to question Picard when he attempted to end the trial on the grounds that Tarses' only 'crime' was concealing his ancestry resulted in Satie losing her only even partial ally among the Enterprise-D senior staff when Genestra responded to Worf's attempts to defend his captain by questioning Picard's decision to have Worf as security chief when his father was an alleged Romulan collaborator. (TNG: "The Drumhead")

Sabin Genestra was played by Bruce French.
According to the script, Sabin was pronounced as "SAY-bin".

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