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SS TsiolkovskyEdit

Tsiolkovsky plaque

The Tsilokovsky's dedecation plaque

SS Tsiolkovsky NCC-53911 dedication plaque

The dedication plaque behind Riker

The following information was listed on the dedication plaque of SS Tsiolkovsky.

Oberth-class - Starfleet registry NCC-53911
Baikonur Cosmodrome, USSR, Earth
Commissioned Stardate 40291.7
"The Earth is the cradle of the mind but one cannot remain in the cradle forever."

Motto inspired by

The Earth is the Cradle of the Mind : but one cannot remain in the cradle forever. - Konstantin E. Tsiolkovsky ( Pioneer Of Space Flight )

The plaque reads "К. З. ЦИОПКОВСКИЙ", which transliterates to "K. Z. TSIOPKOVSKY" in the Cyrillic alphabet. The correct spelling would be "К. Э. ЦИОЛКОВСКИЙ".

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