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SS Santa Maria
SS Santa Maria.jpg

SS Santa Maria

Class: Erewon-class
Registry: BDR-529
Affiliation: Federation
Status: Cannibalized (2360)

The SS Santa Maria (BDR-529) was a 24th century Federation Erewon-class personnel transport. Santa Maria was sent out to colonize Gemulon V around 2360. En route to her destination, the ship developed life support problems and landed on a planet in the Orellius system for repairs. Once the ship landed, all of its systems failed due to a duonetic field, and the ship's passengers and crew became stranded. Stripped of all technology, the ship was used as living quarters for the colonists, who affectionately renamed it "the cabin".

In 2370, bio-signs from the planet were discovered by Commander Sisko and Chief O'Brien aboard the USS Rio Grande. They also fell victim to the duonetic field, said to be caused by nearby deposits of astatine. Upon further investigation, it was determined that the field was artificially created by the community leader, Alixus. She revealed that the isolated planet they had landed on was purposely chosen, months in advance, because it was far away from any trade routes. (DS9: "Paradise")

Santa Maria interior

Concept sketch of the interior of the SS Santa Maria

Santa Maria was named for the largest of Christopher Columbus' sailing ships on his voyage to the "New World." (Star Trek Encyclopedia 2nd ed., p. 428)
The registry of the Santa Maria, BDR-529, was an in-joke: it was the license plate of the "Bluesmobile" in The Blues Brothers movie.
The interior of the Santa Maria was designed by Production Illustrator Jim Martin. (DS9 Season 4 DVD-Special feature, "Jim Martin Sketchbook")

SS Santa Maria personnelEdit

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