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The SD-103 type was a class of shuttlecraft used by Starfleet in the 23rd and 24th centuries. This shuttle type was known to be used for orbital personnel transport. (Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country; Star Trek Generations)

Shuttles of this type Edit

Background information Edit

During the interim between the Star Trek VI: Undiscovered Country and Star Trek Generations, the studio model was altered to appear as the Sydney-class in TNG: "Relics" and DS9: "Playing God", et al. For further information on the studio model, see: SD-103 model.

The Star Trek Encyclopedia stated that SD-103 types were in fact Sydney-class ships, built without warp drive for use as large shuttles.

The SD-103 type shuttle parked on the Enterprise-D's saucer in Generations was not an actual studio model, but rather part of the matte painting into which live action photography was later inserted in post-production. (Cinefex, 61, page 77) The USS Farragut in-flight shuttlecraft was stock footage from Star Trek VI, flopped and edited in post-production as the actual studio model had already been converted into the Sydney-class.

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