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Multiple realities
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SC-4 was the designation of a Starfleet Command shuttlecraft used by Admiral Kathryn Janeway of an alternate 2404 in her plan to alter history. Equipping the shuttle with a chrono deflector stolen from Korath, Janeway generated a temporal rift to the Delta Quadrant of the year 2378, where she successfully infiltrated the Borg Unicomplex and delivered a neurolytic pathogen to cripple the Collective. This created a new timeline in which allowed USS Voyager to use a Borg transwarp conduit to return to the Alpha Quadrant sixteen years before they would have without Admiral Janeway's intervention.

SC-4 interior

Shuttle cockpit

The shuttle was capable of achieving the speed of at least warp 6. It was equipped with deflector shields and several advanced anti-Borg technologies developed by the crew of Voyager in the alternate timeline before reaching Earth in 2394, including stealth technology, an ablative armor generator, transphasic torpedoes, as well as a neural interface and synaptic transceiver, all of which Admiral Janeway shared with the crew of Voyager in 2378. (VOY: "Endgame")

This type of shuttle was similar to the class 2 shuttle of the 24th century, but more streamlined. According to a production sketch of this shuttle by Rick Sternbach, dated 02-01, the SC-4 was an uprated Type-18H shuttle. It had nanotech molecular armor plating, hot-ready filament phasers, and conformal defense shield grid (embedded). [1]

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