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Ryan Reeb (born 5 January 1980; age 38) is a digital artist who worked as texture artist, matte painter, and generalist for CBS Digital on the remastered version of Star Trek: The Original Series season one. He was part of the CBS Digital team between July 2006 and July 2007. His work included the concept designs for planet terrains, cloud patters, and paneling on space crafts, the assistance for the lead modeler on the digital asset completionand integration into pipeline, and the matte painting and projection painting. [1] Other projects he worked for CBS Digital on include the pilot episode for Pushing Daisies (2007) and the series The Sopranos.

Born as Donald Ryan Reeb in Columbia, Maryland, his family moved several times across the country until they settled in Coral Springs, Florida, where Reeb became a member and tour organizer of the bands "Last Minute" and "Forever and a Day". He attended the art school and studied Film Making and Animation, including an internship at Digital Domain, which let him settle down in Los Angeles, California. Reeb counts filmmakers Tim Burton, Ray Harryhausen, Quentin Tarantino, John Carpenter, and Peter Jackson as his inspirations.

Prior to his employment with CBS Digital, Reeb worked for "Double Edge Digital/ E=mc2", also in Taipei, Taiwan, as texture artist for "Rhythm and Hues" on the feature film Charlotte's Web (2006), as texture artist and projection painter for CIS Hollywood on the blockbusters Aeon Flux (2005) and Poseidon (2006), and as modeler, texture artist, and generalist for "3D Site".

Other projects Reeb has worked on include Roland Emmerich's science fiction thriller The Day After Tomorrow (2004), the adventure movie Racing Stripes (2005, starring Bruce Greenwood), the horror film Minotaur (2006, with Tony Todd), the thriller Black Christmas (2006), and the adventure comedy Underdog (2007). More recently, he has worked as digital artist on the thriller Wanted (2008), the horror film Quarantine (2008), on several episodes for CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2007-2008), the drama The Informers (2008, with Winona Ryder), and the science fiction thriller The Box (2009, with Frank Langella). He also finished his first feature script, titled Kill, Zombie, Kill, writing with Mia DiPasquale and Adam Wood.

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