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Russ Peek, Amok Time

Russ Peek, behind the scenes during the filming of "Amok Time"

Russ Peek is an actor and stunt performer who portrayed four background characters in Star Trek: The Original Series, including three Vulcans. Peek's four TOS Season 2 roles are his only known television appearances.

Peek filmed his scenes for "Amok Time" between Wednesday 14 June 1967 and Monday 19 June 1967 at Desilu Stage 10, his scenes for "The Apple" between Thursday 20 July 1967 and Monday 24 July 1967 at Stage 10, his scene for "Mirror, Mirror" on Wednesday 2 August 1967 at Stage 9, and his scene for "Journey to Babel" on Tuesday 26 September 1967 at Stage 10.

Star Trek appearancesEdit

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