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Roxy Theatre was a movie theater in New York City, Earth, built in 1926 and opened on 11 March, 1927. It was closed and demolished in 1960. The 6,214 seat theater was located at 153 West 50th Street at 7th Avenue. Although it was built primarily as a movie theater, it also had a stage which featured live performers.

In 1932, George Burns and Gracie Allen first performed a classic comedy routine at the Roxy with the following closing lines:

Burns: Say good night, Gracie.
Allen: Good night, Gracie.

In 2365, Lieutenant Commander Data of the USS Enterprise-D accessed a library computer reference to Burns and Allen's routine at the Roxy after he inadvertently mimicked Allen's punchline while speaking with Wesley Crusher. (TNG: "The Outrageous Okona")

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