Rose Kumagawa was a Human astronaut of the 21st century and a member of the ill-fated Ares IV mission to Mars in 2032.

She once told John Kelly that she saw a UFO over the Gulf of Mexico, but he didn't believe her. After he was abducted by a graviton ellipse, he saw a piece of an alien spacecraft, and regretted not believing her.

She, Andrei Novakovich, and John Kelly were the three-person team of the Ares IV mission in 2032. She and Andrei went down to the surface to study various aspects, such as an underground lava flow. After spending the night on the surface, she noted that the sunrise on Mars had "a hint of green today."

While talking to Lieutenant Kelly on the command module from the surface, his signal broke up while they were talking about baseball, of which both of them were fans. His signal then permanently cut off, as he was abducted by a graviton ellipse. She and Novakovich were stranded on the surface for two weeks before a rescue ship arrived. (VOY: "One Small Step")

Kumagawa was voiced by an unknown actress.