Rondon was a male Zaldan Starfleet crewman who lived during the mid-24th century. He was assigned to the operations division while based at Relva VII in 2364.

That year, Rondon participated in a test of Wesley Crusher, who was taking the Starfleet Academy entrance exam. In a corridor, Wesley collided with Rondon, who became belligerent, calling Wesley a Bulgallian sludge rat and a Mellanoid slime worm. Wesley, recognizing Rondon's Zaldan heritage via his webbed hand, immediately began insulting him back, realizing that Zaldan culture demanded it. Rondon responded positively, referring to Wesley as a "friend." TAC officer Chang later revealed to Wesley that the confrontation had been staged, as a way to gauge Wesley's appreciation for cultural sensitivity in resolving conflicts. (TNG: "Coming of Age")

Rondon was played by Daniel Riordan.
Rondon was described in the script as "an irritable, powerful-looking Alien."

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