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The Doctor sings on Qomar homeworld

The Doctor performing "Rondine al nido"

"Rondine al nido" is a Neapolitan ballad dealing with lost love, composed by Italian Vincenzo de Crescenzo in the early 20th century.

In 2376, The Doctor performed the first stanza of the song for the Qomar during his last concert on their homeworld. (VOY: "Virtuoso")

Robert Picardo's voice was dubbed with the voice by opera singer Agostino Castagnola for this musical piece. [1](X)

"Rondine al nido"
Italian English
Sotto la gronda della torre antica
Una rondine amica,
Allo sbocciar del mandorlo è tornata.
Ritorna tutti gli anni,
Sempre alla stessa data;
Monti e mare essa varca per tornar.
Solo amore
Quando fuggeva lontano
Speri invano ma non torni più.
Speri invano ma non torna più.
Under the eaves of the ancient tower
A swallow friend,
Has returned at almond blossom time.
It comes back every year,
Always on the same date;
It crosses mountains and sea to return.
Only love
When it flees and goes far away
You hope in vain but it returns no more.
You hope in vain but it returns no more.
Nella penombra dolce della sera
passa la primavera.
Cinguettano le rondini nel volo,
Ebbre di luce e d'aria.
Ed io son triste e solo;
Monti e mare tu non varchi per tornar.
Mia piccina,
fosti tutta la mia vita;
Sei fuggita e non torni più.
Sei fuggita e non torni più.
In the sweet shadow of the evening
it passes the spring.
The swallows in flight chirrup,
Drunk on light and air.
And I am sad and alone;
You do not cross mountains and sea to return.
My little one,
you were all my life;
You have fled and return no more.
You have fled and return no more.

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