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(written from a Production point of view)
Command division officer in Ten Forward, early 2369 a command division officer

Ron Large is an actor who worked on several episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation as photo double for Patrick Stewart. He filmed his scenes on second unit for episodes such as "Darmok", "Disaster", and "Hero Worship" in 1991 and "The First Duty" in 1992. Large also appeared as a command division officer in Ten Forward and corridor scenes in the fifth season episodes "Cost of Living" and "Imaginary Friend", in the sixth season episodes "Schisms", "Chain of Command, Part I", and "Birthright, Part I" in 1992 and "Lessons" and "Suspicions" in 1993, and in the seventh season episodes "Journey's End", "Bloodlines", and "Preemptive Strike" in 1994. Large also worked as stand-in for Ken Lesco on the sixth season episode "Descent" in April 1993.

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