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Year(s) of service
Last known status
PWB Aj'rmr Unknown 2375 Active
Belak D'deridex-class 2371 Destroyed
Decius D'deridex-class unknown unknown
Dividices D'deridex-class 2375 Active
Devoras D'deridex-class 2367 Active
Gasko unknown 2370 Active
Genorex D'deridex-class 2375 Active
Haakona D'deridex-class 2365 Active
IRW Khazara D'deridex-class 2369 Active
PWB Koderex Unknown 2375 Active
Makar D'deridex-class 2371 Destroyed
Narada Mining vessel 2387 Destroyed
PWB Preceptor Unknown 2375 Active
Pi Scout ship 2366 Destroyed
Scimitar Warbird 2379 Destroyed
T'Met D'deridex-class 2374 Active
PWB T'Tpalok Unknown 2375 Active
Talvath Science vessel 2350-2352 Unknown
Terix D'deridex-class 2370 Active
PWB Tomal Unknown 2375 Active
Valdore Valdore-type 2379 Active

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Background information Edit

According to TNG: "Face of the Enemy", the Khazara was identified with the title "Imperial Romulan Warbird", which assumes the otherwise unstated prefix of "IRW". Casualty reports later appearing in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine explicitly used the prefix of "PWB", which assumes the otherwise unstated title "Praetorian Warbird". In most other cases, Romulan warbirds were identified as "the Warbird T'Met", as noted in VOY: "Ship in a Bottle" and likewise in DS9: "The Die is Cast", or "the Romulan vessel Terix", as noted in TNG: "The Pegasus" and likewise DS9: "Paradise".

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