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The Romulan scout ship was a small starship used by the Romulan Star Empire for scouting missions during the late-24th century. They rarely ventured out as far as the Romulan Neutral Zone.


Romulan scout ship bow

Jarok's scout ship

In 2366, the Romulan scout ship Pi crash-landed on Galorndon Core, inside Federation space, while conducting an unspecified covert mission. The Pi was destroyed with an ultritium explosive after the crash to prevent its capture by Starfleet. (TNG: "The Enemy")

Romulan scout ship from observationlounge

Jarok's scout ship as seen from the Enterprise

A few weeks later, another scout ship was encountered crossing the Neutral Zone by its occupant, Admiral Jarok, who used his vessel to defect to the Federation. Following a pursuit across the Neutral Zone from a Romulan Warbird, Jarok, too, destroyed his ship to prevent its capture by Starfleet. (TNG: "The Defector")

Technical dataEdit

Physical arrangementEdit

The Romulan scout ship was green, with a "bird-of-prey" look. It had the same basic shape as the much larger D'deridex-class warbird.

Tactical systemsEdit

Very little is known about the capabilities of these vessels, including whether or not they were equipped with cloaking devices, but they were equipped with deflector shields.

Ships commissioned Edit


Background information Edit

The Romulan scout ship, which was initially created for its single appearance in the episode "The Defector", was the last Romulan ship model built for Star Trek until the Romulan shuttle in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "In the Pale Moonlight". For more information on this studio model, see TNG studio models.


In Star Trek: Armada and its sequel, the Romulan scout ship was named as being of the Talon-class. Additionally, vessels of this type are listed in the Starships expansion volume of Decipher's Star Trek Roleplaying Game as Theta-class shuttle/surveyors. The Decipher Star Trek Customizable Card Game, however, refers to the class as the Lanora-class scout. None of these designations have been used on-screen, therefore they cannot be considered canon.

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