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Romulan philosophy

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The philosophy of Romulan civilization involves both complete loyalty to their race as a whole, and the celebration, rather than repression, of instinctual, passionate emotion. More specifically, Romulans believe in loyalty to state and government above one's own needs; within the military, loyalty is directed to the Praetor himself. One is expected to adhere to the Praetor's orders with no thought of personal opinion. (TOS: "Balance of Terror"). The one philosophy they share with their mortal enemy, the Klingons, is that there is no greater honor than to die in the service of their nation. This shared belief is known to the Romulans as "the Romulan path to glory." (TNG: "The Enemy")

The Romulans also have a belief in their own superiority above all other species that goes beyond mere arrogance. Unlike their Vulcan counterparts, Romulans do not hide their emotions. They tend to revel in them, being kind and even loving one moment, yet violent the next. (TNG: "The Neutral Zone")

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