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Romando Co. Ltd., also known as Romandoh, was a manufacturing company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan which produced a number of figurines, mecha toys, and gashapon trading figure products.

As a division of Yamato Co. Ltd. in Japan, it is now part of Arcadia Co. Ltd. and is no longer operated as a separate brand.

Star Trek releases Edit

The company manufactured 1/7000-scale pre-painted PVC models of Star Trek starships in 2003 and 2004 as a gashapon toy line. Ships ranged in size from three to nine centimeters in length and came with individually-labeled stands displaying Japanese text. A small amount of assembly was required.

A 1/7000-scale Deep Space 9 space station and additional ships in other scales were also included in the series. Once assembled, the station measured twenty centimeters in diameter. "Dark" versions of the ships were detailed in phosphorescent paints that glowed in the dark, after previously being exposed to a light source.

Many of the line's smaller ships were similar in size to Galoob's Star Trek Micro Machines while the larger ones were comparable to Furuta's releases.

1/7000 Scale Star Trek Official Museum Series Edit

Series 1 Edit

Released July 2003
  • Klingon Bird-of-Prey – regular deco – oversized and 1/7000 scale
  • Klingon Bird-of-Prey – cloaked version – oversized and 1/7000 scale
  • Species 8472 Bio-ship – regular deco and cloaked versions; oversized and 1/7000 scale
  • USS Enterprise ("warping") – "secret" ship – regular deco and cloaked version
  • USS Enterprise-D – regular deco
  • USS Enterprise-D – dark deco
  • USS Farragut – regular deco
  • USS Farragut – dark deco
  • USS Melbourne – regular deco and cloaked version
  • USS Voyager – regular deco and cloaked version
  • USS Voyager – dark deco and cloaked version
"Cloaked" indicates that the ship was made of translucent plastic.

Series 2 Edit

Released December 2004
Deep Space 9 model is completed by combining Parts A, B, C, D, and E.

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